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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I don't normally cover poker news and events here on Coding the Wheel, but a quick congratulations to our old friend Bobby "Shooter" Hempkins of Dallas, Texas, who recently logged a $710,000 win at the WinStar casino River Poker Championship in Thackerville, Oklahoma. Via Pokerati:

WinStar reportedly threw in a $580,000 overlay to make their $3 million guarantee. Not sure about the buy-in details — I think they upped it to $2k? — nor overall results. The best “coverage” has come via 2+2 here, mixed in with some Facebook, Twitter, and direct txt msg buzz. (Thanks KevMath and Harris, as always, for the info!)

1,210 players overall.

The winner: Bobby Hempkins, aka “Shooter” in the Dallas poker boom days. (And now your source for residential real estate in the North Texas area.) $710k win. Nice!

I've long considered Shooter to be one of the strongest players in Dallas, as well as a true class act; one of the coolest, downright friendliest people I've ever come across in a card room. It was over two years ago that I said in an email to another player out of Dallas:

If I were a poker executive with millions of dollars of funding at my disposal, I would absolutely sponsor Shooter on the basis of his personality alone. He'd be a welcome refrain from some of the current crop of wannabe-cool loudmouth braggarts who dominate the televised poker circuit.

I could tell you half a dozen great Shooter stories in that vein, but a lot of these took place in private games, so I'll hold off. Still, it's nice to see some of those juicy WinStar funds flowing back across state lines to the Texas players without whom WinStar would never have been built.

This is actually the 2nd year in a row that a Dallas player has taken down the River Poker Championship. But thanks to the same shady, dishonest politicking that gave birth to the toilet paper legislation known as UIGEA, and despite the easy availability of casinos just across state lines: the game of Texas Hold'em remains mostly illegal within the state of Texas. 

Anyway, props out to Shooter and all the Texas players who moneyed in the event. This is the best news I've heard out of Dallas since the 2008 installment of the Red River Rivalry, in which the 5th-ranked Texas Longhorns smashed the evil #1-ranked Oklahoma Sooners, 45-35.

Tuck Fexas, indeed.

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As a long time friend of both Shooter and James, I can absolutely attest to the truth of the statement:

"I've long considered Shooter to be one of the strongest players in Dallas, as well as a true class act; one of the coolest, downright friendliest people I've ever come across in a card room."

There's not a lot of poker news that really puts a smile on my face these days, but this was one huge exception. Awesome job Shooter!

I don't know who the hell Shooter is. But 700 freaking thousand dollars??????? For a tourney nobody's ever heard of?

I really need to find a better racket...

found this page from the on pokerati. just want 2 say congrats to shooter also, ive played him a bunch at exec and plat and around, won a few pots off him, he always seemed to either win big or go home. man i cannot even think what id do with 700k $ represent!

WOW. I'm a Dallas player, semi-pro, Been reading this blog for about a year --- since the poker bot stuff. Never made the connection til today but I saw a comment over on Pokerati following kidlargo's comment...dude! Are you a.k.a. 'Devil' who used to play/deal around town? If yes, I played you. You've dealt to me I think. And btw I know Shooter too have played him a couple times.


I never understood how a game called TEXAS holdem is illegal in TEXAS. That would be like I dunno, auto manufacturing being illegal in Detroit. It would be like saying that tacquerias are illegal in Mexico. Makes no sense

By the way I hear the #2 finisher was a single mom...also from TX... finished for something like 300K!! Not bad for a couple days work!!

What is it about Texas that makes people from Texas sooo excited to be from Texas? Seriously! I've heard Austin is a pretty cool city, but that's just one little city doesn't hold a candle to San Francisco, Miami, New York, etc.

I've been to Dallas one time. What I remember are traffic and gas stations and monster strip malls.


Only two things come from Texas: steers, and....

What's up Devil. Congrats Shootey-shoot.

When am I going to see you up at Winstar?

"What is it about Texas that makes people from Texas sooo excited to be from Texas?"

Dude, what is it about non-Texans that always makes them think they can look down their noses at Texas? We're the 2nd biggest state in the continent US, we have no state income tax, and I've been to San Francisco and uh..lol...Austin is a waaay cooler city. Unless you have a thing for "steers".

Seriously. Get a fucking clue.

Interesting, but don't you think Texas has an agreement set up with those casinos since it's mostly Texas dollars anyway? Seems like it may not be as simple as every dollar spent across the OK line goes to OK. Who built the casinos? Who funds them? Who benefits?

The rss feed for this blog doesn't seem to update on google reader anymore. It still says your newest post is "Coding the Tweet, Redux"

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