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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

From the Oh Noes!! Not Another 3D Screensaver!! department:

For you poker and 3D programming heathens—

Crank up the volume and hit Play; switch to 720p if you can; go full-screen; watch to the end. You might see some distortion because of the way the video was encoded. But hopefully you'll get the idea. (If you can't see the video below, view it directly on YouTube.)

Here's a screenshot taken at full size, "in the rough".

Those pesky Coding the Wheel logos can be replaced with your logo of choice, along with all the cards in the deck. For example, you can use any deck from an online poker modding site, or any other deck.

Code and downloadables later.

Tags: 3D, OpenGL, OpenTK, 3D graphics, iTunes, music, .NET, C#, poker

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Can we get a cleaner render? If you're using WMV for renders, that's the problem.

Good work! and nice to see you back!

great! would love to be able to have these options as screensavers....

Cool demo, but if you're able to get that kind of throughput with C#, I'll eat my shirt. Tell us how long you spent rendering it. One hour? Two? Four? I've played extensively with OpenGL and unless you're running on monster hardware it's too slow for real-time.

Coolest poker-related visualization I've ever seen. You really ought to do something over on 2+2. I don't think your typical computer-nerd-type readers really "get" poker.

Love how the first card zooms in from positive Z, centering the logo perfectly. But why'd you pick the 4 of diamonds for the second "cardplosion"? Why not the logo there too? Does the 4 mean something?

I thought it was a strange choice, otherwise a very cool demo.

Came across this link via 2p2, some of us love your stuff over there.

Two words: freaking cool.

Release a downloadable version of this.

id like to use this for our gaming association, so please provide a dl link asap. nice job dude.

Good work! and nice to see you back!

Thanks ;) As weekend projects go, this one was pretty fun.

Wicked! me wants to replace my matrix screensaver now ;-)


How'd you synch it to the music?


Typically, the way people synch music is by taking a Fast Fourier Transform of the raw audio waveform data, where you can actually do some meaningful analysis for "beats" and so on & so forth.

But a lot of times it's easier to just key the visual changes to certain absolute times in the music. In code you might say (trying out James's new comment form here, hopefully I won't mangle it)

if (songTime == 107.00)

I'd be curious to know which was used for this.

I call bullshit. James is always posting these visuals and not giving any code. Whatever happened to this?

Vaporware, that's what.

Love how the camera gets clobbered by the 4d... lulz

3D programming heathens? I don't think so.

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