Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hoodie-wearing, sunglass-sporting, iPod-listening, fratboy-raising, poker table...

(wait for it)


Photographed in their natural casino habitat.

Look like anyone you know?


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You're fearless, if a little bit of an asshole.

I don't see an Unsubscribe button. I looked, but I didn't see one. Oh well. Guess I'll just have to stay subscribed.

I never ever comment on blogs but this made me chuckle.

yeah, this is pretty much everyone that plays poker these days. "hey, i'm intimidating and i have a hoodie, therefore i must be good at poker"

Not in frame: guy wearing sunglasses in $100 tournament / 1/2 cash game, and guy berating player for being stupid after stacking off with one pair.

I was with you all the way to the backwards ball-cap. I think that's a stretch to immediately classify said player as a douchebag.

Wearing a ball-cap backward is just a person's style, whether they are playing poker or not. No one's style has any value beyond the satisfaction it gives a person for wearing what they think looks good, so I don't see how that classifies one as a douchebag.

Disclaimer: I have worn a ball-cap backwards a time or two. ;)

I think you pic is funny , but usualy douchebag's use "chip guards"

The images on the blog version vs. feed version are different:

One has the baseball cap as a criteria.

I particularly enjoy urban dictionary's 3rd (and most fitting) definition of the term..

[quote]A person with a shitty personality that needs to "take themself the fuck down" or "go home and get their fucking shine box." A douchebag usually assumes the form of a hair-gelling pretty-boy but can also be described as an overzealous, pompous, or vexatious asshole that can't play poker for shit.[/quote]

lovely stuff.

Came for the poker botting, stay for the lulz. Keep up the good work :)

U just saved my day. - TY TY TY.

Maybe I should post it in this latest article then:

Which sites allow bots to be played on? Reputable I mean. Should I think "second biggest pokersite on the net" for instance? Since nothing is in their terms.

About the above:

I really like it :). Al though I wear a hoodie, sunglasses AND cappie... and I actually win :). Don't have the guard though. So this may be what's missing. Now I finally know what I'll ask for my birthday, this year. Thanks James! :)

Oh... and don't forget the IPod. Do not forget about the IPod. This is very important. I just listen on my MP3!

LOLS judging people by how they look, that's what non-douchebags do!

Nice pic!

I have to admit, I don't use a chip-guard most of the time. I've met plenty of people who were otherwise okay and could be forgiven one of James Delvin's Poker Douchebag Traits(R). I think it really takes multiple traits and multiple occurrences to seal the deal.

Whatever. . . good stuff!



@JAMES- It appears your caps lock key is broken. I would recommend getting a new keyboard and ditching the hoodie.

I think I've played these losers before.

lol, you seem to have offended some of your reader-base that obviously fit the criteria from the pic. i enjoyed it.

on a more serious note, james, keep up the great writing. love your posts.

Lol. This is my new poker anthem. "Douchebags"... perfect word

I dont use a chip guard. Should I? What is the reason for them.

More importantly, what are you doing taking photos at the table?

Looks like you took this picture in one of my local casinos. Just lost $500 to this kind of dweeb. Kid chased me with a 3-outer, hit on the river after putting all his money in. That'll teach you to be into me, he says. I'll go toe to toe with you, he says. While raking in my chips. Douchebag. Didn't have the heart to tell the kid he's a lost cause. Didn't have the heart to tell him I'm nailing his girlfriend.

@Anonymous: Why does it matter? Did I miss something, or do poker players have NO reasonable expectation of privacy in a public casino where they're being video-taped 24/7 anyway?

I've gotta say we don't get this sort of stereotype of poker players in the UK. Sometimes we get the occasional excentric wearing upside sunglasses and backwards caps ... these guys tend to bust out early.

James you are right they are douchebags. Complain to the dealer that the player's music is disturbing you.


(I was the original poster of that message)

No, it isn't a privacy thing.. It's a cheating thing. Generally taking photos at most casino table games is frowned upon. It's easy to cheat in blackjack if you have been taking photo's of the table every hand and sending them to a computer which counts cards.

Now I'm pretty sure it's not worth the effort, but you could use a camera to take a photo of your own cards and send them to friends who happens to sit on the same table.

The point is, taking photos, even using a cell phone at a table is frowned upon.

@Anonymous that makes sense.... I haven't played too much live poker (stick to the online) but yeah. Prolly would bother me, too. So the question for James is what gives, man? Did you wear a hidden camera or did you get permission or what? And where was this picture taken?

(I'm hanging out on this page for a while. Massive influx of angry geek types in your latest.)

Found another blog on building a poker bot - not as good as this one for sure

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