How I Built a Working Poker Bot, Part 1

[Update: two of the original authors of this post have moved on to greener pastures, and have asked us to mothball this content in preparation for an upcoming book. Thanks for all the feedback and stay tuned for more technical poker content in the future.]


Several years ago, a client asked us to come up with a prototype for an online poker bot. That’s right: a piece of software you park on your computer while it goes out to an online poker site and plays no-limit Holdem for you, at 4 or 14 different tables…


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    TLC: [quote] but that does not mean you will be able to sniff out and discover your opponent’s hole cards. Do not even try. Unless the perpetrators have been neglected, that information does not exist anywhere else on the team until his opponents have turned their cards over. [/ Quote] I like the sweet photos. Good luck for both of them.  They should take it easy with the updates. Thank you.

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    @ Kuhsay: Yes! classic explode. What would not release what I know now, back in the early days of poker. Actually that particular link, it is now (and this is hilarious to me), cited by many poker sites on its web-security around the place where we talk about the security of their random number generator (eg now they have stopped using rand ()) I couldn’t have said it better myself. My friend and I were discussing this very same subject the other night.

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    Actually that particular link, it is now (and this is hilarious to me), cited by many poker sites on its web-security around the place where we talk about the security of their random number generator (eg now they have stopped using rand ()) I couldn’t have said it better myself. My friend and I were discussing this very same subject the other night.

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    James: They are now using this robot in Poker Stars or any place you grow up? Thanks a lot for enjoying this beauty article with me. I am apreciating it very much! Looking forward to another great article. Good luck to the author! all the best!

  5. Shalllu

    This was really helpful. Thank you for posting this! I am wondering why they made the program so hard to use if it requires that much work?
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  6. Jordan

    Can poker bots really make someone money? Let’s think about this here - a robot, making people money. That’s just crazy. I wish I could have a robot just sit at home and write comments on articles all day. That’d be like having multiple personalities except in different bodies. I find it amazing that kids these days are learning about building robots in public and private schools all across america. Technology has come so far into different schools throughout TN and I think you can really notice the innovation of robot design throughout [private schools in memphis tn][1]. After touring a campus recently, I stumbled into a room full of computers where students were controlling different robots with programing languages. It was amazing. I know it’s not related to this because I’m talking about physical robots in these private schools, but think about it, if it’s possible to control physical robots then it must be easy to control computer based bots. These private schools keep innovating and creating a way for students to compete with the future generations. Every day I’m reminded by how amazing and incredible our schools are turning out.

    This is a great post and I’ll be passing it on to other students that I know. Thanks!



    You know I’ve looked at all bots out there and read up everything on the concept behind them, but I really think that no one has taken it to the ultimate extreme that it can go. Creating a bot profile for most bots out there is just telling your hand to fold bet check or raise based on the cards on the table and the statistical percentages. This will never go good against any decent human poker player because many times decisions are made that are not supported by the statistical odds- such as bluffing, over-betting, under-betting with monster hands, or letting go very good hands in certain situations where the player might feel their opponent is trying to trap them with a monster. What I have noticed from being a seasoned online poker player- a profitable one too- is that over time you see the same exact players over and over again, and although they may have temporary variations in their play, they have very consistent strategy overall. I believe that if a poker bot can be made utilizing ALL the information that the author of this page wisely said is available from an online poker table, including the complete history of EACH opponent and EVERY hand they’ve ever played that you’ve seen, then a bot program can actually build a profile on your OPPONENTS over the course of one game, or over the course of 10s of thousands of games with the same opponents. IF this were implemented it would make opponents statistically and mathematically predictable, similar to the way that sometimes we just have a “gut” feeling about a situation, and we make a ballsy call with a mediocre hand, and find out opponent betting or bluffing with complete rags. If a poker bot could process and store unlimited data and use it to determine if a player is more aggressive, more passive, temporarily on tilt, etc., this would be the ultimate bot to play winning online poker against human beings.

    The author of this page said the million dollar question is what would it take to build the best winning poker bot, I believe I have a very strong idea, because the idea I gave above of creating profiles on opponents is just ONE piece of the puzzle and I know all the other pieces it would take to be a masterpiece… the real problem is, I think that with everything I think that should be included, it would take a huge group of experts such as a university research team and it may even take several months or a couple years, none of which I have the group support nor time to do!

    So, my conclusion to everything about bots that I have researched, learned and know is, they definitely have some huge potential to create countless amounts of passive income, the problem is that we must all look at things from a realistic perspective of what that would take and when I look at what it would realistically take, it seems more improbable than possible.

    I would like to know if the author of this page has any opinions on what I had to say :)

    Take care everyone!

  8. vort

    i dont understand how long this legend has put enough to gather these stupendous information. hats off to u.

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    Awesome article. Good job! I don’t think that this type can challenge the same new product from another company. Farewell it’s not really bad also.

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  12. Colombiano

    I play online poker pretty often……about 3 hours a day…..and it happens to be that SOMETIMES,
    unless I am playing a people who is sitting at multiple tables and is too busy to concentrate on just the hands I am playing him with, there must be online bots. And they are actually rather easy to beat. I get this sense becuase I will usually find this same player sitting multiple tables which IS NORMAL but just once in a while (the [bots]) when I sit with these players, especially when I catch them in a room where they are alone and I play them head up, they play EVERY hand VERY SIMILAR, and I mean continuously, whether its them betting, checking, folding, etc. These “bots” cannot read a bluff, and I would over bet and win VARIOUS times as they bet. or I just bet blind (Before the flop) every hand and they fold automaticaly almost 70 percent of the time. WHY? becuase when these bot hackers, or whatever you may wish to call them, create their bots, they create them to call and fold certain hands, most of the time the hands dealt are not the desired hands the bot is creates to call so I would take the blinds very often. A slow but steady pace of making money, as you constantly take blinds by raising before flop. I also noticed if I played patiently on some hands and waited for the flop, the bot recieved an undesirable set according with his hand, so i would bet or raise, and the bot would fold. again taking the blinds or pot. All of the actions done seemed to be placed at the exact time, everytime. I would raise, and it would automatic fold. I would check, and it would automatic check. and this would happen EVERY TIME , UNLESSSSSS

    Well there is my emphasis on the whole online poker bot ordeal, I believe in poker bots, but people should not worry until they make the IDEAL Artificial Intelligent bot that will win over 80 percent of the time. As long as you pick and choose youre battles, or find trends withing in the bot, make youre money !!!!!!!!!!


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