Introducing the ASP.NET Custom 404 Manifesto
Wednesday, April 09, 2008   

A few months ago I wrote about producing better 404 error pages. And I promised to put together detailed how-to on building intelligent 404 pages using ASP.NET.

404 error pages aren't a sexy subject, but there's such a quantity of mis-, dis-, and non-information out there, I couldn't resist foisting a document like this off on innocent bystanders.

So as promised: introducing v1.0 of The ASP.NET Custom 404 Error Page Manifesto. I've tried to make it as complete as possible, and I've tried to practice what I preach. In other words, I've implemented most of the suggested practices here on Coding the Wheel. But the thing about 404 error handling is that it's difficult to get just right, which of course is the reason for the manifesto in the first place.

Hopefully it will be of use if you're currently doing some 404 work yourself.

View the ASP.NET Custom 404 Error Page Manifesto