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Experience15+ years industry experience
LanguagesC++, C#, C, Objective-C, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript
PlatformsWindows, OS X, iOS, Android, Linux
ContextsWeb, Desktop, Mobile, Enterprise
IndustriesGaming, Poker, Social, Security
DesignPhotoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, GIMP, InkScape

I also moonlight as a poker coach with an emphasis on software tools such as PokerTracker and Hold'em Manager. I won't teach you how to play better poker, but I can teach you how to use the available tools to make yourself play better poker.

Coding the Wheel has appeared on the New York Time's Freakonomics blog, Jeff Atwood's Coding Horror, and the front page of Reddit, Slashdot, Digg.