Entry 1: Hello, Journal!

Welcome to the inaugural entry of the beta version of the online edition of the Coding the Wheel (Rebooted) developer’s journal, officially available online at:


This series is a digital version of a private developer’s journal in the spirit of Peter Lyons’s Leveling Up, slightly scrubbed for public consumption, but not much.

Don’t skip this one. This is a simple technique that can make a huge difference. Start a work journal - it can be nothing more than a simple text file. You should have one single journal for everything you do for your job. Organize it chronologically: do NOT try to make separate journal files for different roles or clients or projects. Put EVERYTHING in ONE BIG FILE. Don’t try to organize it by category or client or anything like that. It is just a chronological journal with the first entry at the top of the file and the last entry at the end of the file.

Happy New Year.