Hello Jekyll

2014 December 3

My requirements for the Coding the Wheel CMS are pretty simple:

In the past, under different requirements, I’ve used Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Typepad, and a custom CMS I built from scratch in ASP.NET MVC, dubbed Crotchkiller by those who love it best. This time, I’ll use Jekyll.

Jekyll is a static site generator. There is no CMS. You run it. It processes your “source files”—Markdown, HTML, CSS, images, and the like—and emits destination HTML, CSS, and image files that you can upload to a server.

It’s simple and static, but that doesn’t mean Jekyll-based sites have to be simple or static. Dynamic functionality can be achieved with client-side JavaScript or with custom server code, as with any website. Nothing stops a Jekyll-generated page from presenting a full-blown application in Backbone.js or Angular.js. Nothing stops a Jekyll-generated page from responding to user input in a dynamic and useful way. It’s just that Jekyll itself is agnostic. It generates files. The rest is up to you. You and the grues.

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