Jekyll on Windows

2014 December 4

Today I took a gander at PortableJekyll as a possible Windows-based Jekyll solution. Jekyll runs on Ruby, and Ruby runs on every major OS including Windows. So Jekyll should run on Windows. And it does. Just not officially.

While Windows is not an officially-supported platform, it can be used to run Jekyll with the proper tweaks.

The Jekyll docs point the wayward Windows wanderer in the direction of Julian Thilo’s excellent, almost intimidating set of instructions for a manually installing Jekyll on Windows. That in turn mentions PortableJekyll as a potential all-in-one solution. What it doesn’t mention is the existence of Pretzel, or the possibility of running Jekyll on a prebuilt Bitnami stack, probably because there are currently no Bitnami stacks that include Jekyll. There’s the baseline Ruby stack, which I’m guessing can be configured to work with Jekyll, and there’s a proposal for an Octopress stack, which is built on Jekyll, but no out-and-out Jekyll stack. Near as I can tell, that means that there are at least…five ways. Five ways to run Jekyll on Windows:

  1. Manual install
  2. Portable Jekyll
  3. Prebuilt Ruby Stack + Manual Install
  4. Linux VM.
  5. Pretzel.

Over the course of building this thing I’ll no doubt end up exploring all of those options. For now I’ll go with the approach that strikes the best balance between myself and my own laziness, to wit, PortableJekyll.

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