[Poster] Movie Doppelgangers

Movie Doppelgangers (Poster)
Movie Doppelgangers (Poster)

Movie Doppelgangers: B-Movie Ripoffs of Hollywood Blockbusters

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Well, another $5 down the drain. The other night I stopped by Blockbuster to rent a copy of Battle: Los Angeles. Blockbuster is a bit of a ghost town these days, the sort of place that makes you think:

Huh, wonder what my first move would be if the undead attacked, right here, right now.

I was in a hurry and I kept imagining the clerk would morph into a zombie and I’d be forced to defend myself with stacks of $5 previously-owned titles from the bargain bin. So in my haste/nervousness I ended up grabbing a copy of what looked like Battle: Los Angeles, but was in fact Battle OF Los Angeles. Silly me.